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Enzo can become part of your customer service, marketing, and sales strategy to delight your customers, build your brand equity, and boost your sales

Enzo is offered in two Flavors

Enzo Expert

Enzo Expert is a conversational chatbot that will help you to boost your brand equity by building a personalized customer engagement plan for your chatbot. Enzo Expert is well suited for many industries including Car dealerships, Retails, Insurance, and FinTech

Enzo Expert 
Top Features

True NLU Support

Enzo can answer the general questions of your customer using both Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Quick Response Cards.

Multi-Channel Support

Enzo will offer a consistent experience across your website and multiple social platforms including Facebook

In-Chat UI Integration

Enzo supports several In-chat UI Components to offer a better customer experience (e.g. carousels, and sliding bars)

Smart Live-Agent routing

Enzo can smoothly lead the customer conversation and answer the customer inquiries. However, it can always route the conversation to a live chat agent when needed

Fully Managed Platform

Enzo is a fully managed 24/7 platform that offers a scalable and secure backend infrastructure which is compatible with an easy to use conversational interface

Smart Analytics Dashboard

Enzo Expert offer a rich set of analytics to help you track things like chatbot accuracy, resolution rate, and number of captured leads

Enzo Assist

Enzo assist is a complete Enterprise Grade Conversational AI solution for managed live Chat providers that can seamlessly integrate with your managed Live Chat platform to offer on-brand customer concierge support service 24/7 at scale with no overhead

Enzo Assist
Top Features

Hot-start Live Agent chat transition

Enzo can smoothly lead the customer conversation and narrow down inquiries while collecting their information. Subsequently, it will pass the right information about the customer to increase chat agents’ productivity.

Fully Managed Platform

Fully Managed Platform: Enzo is a fully managed 24/7 platform that offers a scalable platform to help you to scale your business, increase your revenue while continue delighting your customers and controlling your operational cost.

Smart Analytics Dashboard

Enzo Assist offers a rich set of analytics to help you track multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as the Average Response time for agent, successfully resolution rate, and Workforce Monitoring and Planning.

Case Studies

Business Case is an innovative industrial drone developer company specializing in precision agricultural automation using autonomous drones. aerial drones monitor crop health in real-time, and its robots provide 24/7 fertilization and precision spraying individual weeds. technology can enhance uniform herbicide application by minimizing the number of overlaps and skips and eliminating applications to non-crop areas such as waterways, wetlands, and odd-shaped boundaries. is currently underway to deploy a series of extended in-field trials across Canada.

Tensorgraph Professional Services Engagement needed to develop a machine learning model for real-time row detection in agricultural fields using computer vision techniques. Tensorgraph professional services team worked closely with engineering team to design, build, and train the optimum ML model for their application using an agile framework to continuously retrain the model and improve its accuracy with new sets of data.

In around 6 weeks of work, Tensorgraph was able to build a reliable ML model with very high accuracy that takes milliseconds both identify the structure of rows and determine the vectors needed for a platform to navigate through the rows. We are very pleased working with TensorGraph and will continue to use them going forward.

How we work with our Customers 

We use a simple yet effective process to engage with our customers


Engagement Planning

We will work with you to flesh out the experience and put a Visitor engagement plan where we will identify the business challenges that Enzo would be well-suited to solve.



We will use and Import your existing FAQs, chat history and knowledge base to train and build Enzo Expert foundation and response cards.


Backend Integeration

We will work with you to integrate Enzo with your Inventory and CRM or any other needed backend service.


Website Integeration

We will work with you to integrate your website or existing LiveChat platform & Ticket system with Enzo.



All your new chats will go through Enzo expert first, where it can complete many of the repeatable tasks on behalf of your team then transfer the chat to your sales team or live agents when needed



We will work with you to design your dashboards to start watching Enzo in Action !

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